Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Welcome everyone! :) My name is Ellen and this is my first blog post. I am new to this and hope that it will go smooth enough for everyone to understand and enjoy but also so that it may help others who are considering having gastric bypass surgery.
This is not something that is considered lightly. This is a life-changing procedure that is going to save my life!

My plan for this blog is to document everything in my life leading up to this new journey as I turn 40 years old this year. I believe it will be important to share life experiences and my hope is that it will also be a healing process for me as I come to understand why I eat the way I do and how this has come to be.

My journey will be difficult; this I know. However, I have a very supportive family who want nothing more than for me to be healthy and on this Earth for years to come.

I hope that others will find this blog helpful in their lives as well. I have plenty of time before my surgery to talk about my life leading up to now. After my surgery, it is my intentions to document everything that I am going through; good or bad. I will share my experience of food that is agreeing with me, vitamins that I am taking, proteins that I am eating, etc. So sit back and enjoy the readings of a 39 year old mother and wife who has decided to GET HER LIFE BACK :)

Cheers and Much Love!


  1. You Go Girl - we must now take control !!! I am excited for you !!

  2. I saw you commented on my blog and decided to check out yours! You can do this! will be hard, but it is sooo worth it in the end! It was the second best decision I ever made. The first was having my daughter. Good luck!