Thursday, March 1, 2012

Endoscopy Day

Well today is the day I go in for my endoscopy. I am more than a little nervous. I have such a sensitive gag reflex and I'm scared that I'm going to freak out! I have had this done once before and do not have good memories. I know it will all be fine. I will say I am starving...more thirsty than anything else because I have not been allowed ANYTHING since midnight last night. The eating part does not bother me as much...but I just really want some water. I really wish I could have been one of the first appointments of the day but it was not to appointment is not till 12:30. I have a wonderful husband who has been so supportive. He has taken the day off to take care of me and our kiddos.

Well, here's hoping that the results all come back fine and the surgery can move forward pretty quickly! Wish me luck!

Cheers and Much Love!

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