Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Barium X-Ray Tomorrow

Well I begin fasting at midnight so that I can go in for a barium x-ray in the morning. They are looking at my stomach further after discovering it didn't look right during my endoscopy. It feels like there is a set-back at every turn and almost like this surgery is never going to happen.

I spoke with the secretary at my doctor's office this week and all she could decipher from my stomach biopsy results is that it came back with some inflammation and lymphocytic gastritis...from what I've read that could be a couple of things. The doctor did say that if anything they could fix the stomach when they go in to do the roux en y surgery. I'm just thinking, "Oh, great. Something else to have to heal from...something else that could potentially cause problems."

On another note...I went to the library today with my kiddos and picked up some new cookbooks to check out. I got a really good one from the American Heart Association. It has over 600 pages. After searching through it, I can say that there are quite a few really good recipes in it. I will be adding some to my recipe section in the upcoming days and weeks.
In other news, the weather here today was BEAUTIFUL. However, it reminded me again as to why I can't wait to have this surgery. It was sunny and barely reached 50 degrees and I was sweating and hot like it was 100 degrees outside. My children want to go bike riding tomorrow. That is not something I will be able to join them on. I feel bad about that and I'm sad about it too. But better days will come in the future! So I am trying not focus too much on the what I can't do right now but what I will be able to do again!

There's not much else to report on right now. My kiddos and hubby are home for March Break this week so we are extremely busy doing fun family things! :)

Keep checking the recipe section. I will post some new things soon :)
Have a GREAT week everyone :)
 Cheers and Much Love! 

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