Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Getting Closer

Hi Everyone!
Well it's getting closer to time! I meet with the surgeon in 6 days and I cannot wait! It's been such a long process and now that I am getting closer I am getting more antsy. This has definitely been a long journey to get here. But then again, I didn't put all the weight on in one's not going to come off that quickly either.

So I've been doing pretty good with going forth in advance taking my vitamins and Calcium Citrate.
I am hoping that it is just helping to get me used to doing this on a daily basis. I am taking the big horse-size pills right now but am considering changing to the liquid or chewables after my surgery. My nurse has me on the Prenatal pills right now. I am going to ask if it is possible to change over to the Flintstones chewables or if there is another type of vitamin that will be approved after the surgery. I know that we can cut the pills in half....but even after that, it is still a large half!

Another part of the procedure was to cut out caffeine 3 months before and 3 months after the surgery. So I have not had any caffeine since January 18. I started drinking decaf coffee and tea and it's not too bad. I may even stick with it after I'm allowed to have caffeine again.

I have also managed to cut my sugar intake WAY back. Being from the deep South, we make our tea with lots of sugar in it. But amazingly I have found that I don't need as much sugar in my coffee or tea anymore and I also replace it with Sweet-n-Low. I actually find that my favorite local coffee place makes my coffee too sweet!

So as mentioned in my previous posts that when they did my endoscopy, it appears that my stomach is shaped funny? So that set me back a few more weeks and I had to go in for a barium x-ray to have it looked into further. I'm hoping the doctor has some good news and a surgery date next week! I am also praying that I will not have to drink the Optifast for too long :( I can't imagine how hard that diet is going to be. But I think they said we could still have clear broth and water with Crystal Light. So that should make it tolerable.

I don't have much else to report on now. This weekend is Easter weekend. It's also my older son's 14th birthday on Sunday and Monday is my wonderful hubby's birthday :) My daughter turned 7 last week...I have what I refer to as "three Easter babies" ;) So it's also a difficult time with all the cake there is to be eaten! Might as well enjoy it now as the dumping syndrome will keep me from it next time around!

So Happy Easter everyone. I know it will be difficult for many of us as we watch everyone around us eating their chocolate Easter goodies...but just remember how fabulous we are beginning to look and how healthy our bodies are going to be! I truly hope everyone has a great holiday!
Cheers and Much Love!

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