Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Date With The Surgeon!

Well today was the day! I got to meet with one of the surgeons regarding all my paperwork and appointments up to this point. Turns out I have a few things wrong but they have cleared me to have the Roux en y! YAH!
So some of the bad news I discovered was that I have a kidney stone and a belly button hernia. Who knew?! They also said that my endoscopy came back with gastritis and some inflamation but nothing that was too worrisome to them and that we can go ahead with the surgery as planned. She gave me my prescriptions for the blood thinner shots, some liquid codeine, an antacid and the wonderful Optifast. But wait! There is good news! My liver is not too enlarged and I only have to do two weeks of Optifast! YAH! I was so glad to hear that. I was afraid that I was going to have be on that stuff for weeks and I'd be doing a lot of sleeping! HAAA!

So now I'm actually a little excited that when I turn 40 in May I can have a little celebration with some cake and maybe a little drink before the fasting starts for my June date. I'm told that the office will call me with my date very soon and I cannot wait for that phone to ring!

Now to get prepared with all the goodies I would like to have in order before I go in for the surgery. They say plan to be in the hospital two nights. I am going to order myself a new LSU blanket :) GEAUX TIGERS! I also need something comfortable to wear home from the hospital...so I'm hoping to find some LSU pajama pants to wear home. I definitely want to get some new slippers with a good sole as well. I have already bought some smaller plates and bowls to make life easier on the portion sizes after the surgery. I'm sure I will think of more things to pack.

Not much else to report on today. I will update more on the goings on very soon :)
Cheers and Much Love!

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